Save Money On Every Reservation

2019 UPDATE: Web Self Storage has launched their v2 API and it is working great! We are looking forward to the next phase of WP-WSS and want you all to share our joy! -see below

Why spend more than you need to? Each time a storage customer makes a reservation off-site you pay more. Keep your customers on your site by allowing them to make reservations with WP-WSS. Save up to $15 per reservation with our WebSelfStorage Business Platform© API Integration.

With WP-WSS your customers can keep their eyes on your brand while making a reservation. With WP-WSS you will not only receive a text but also an email notification that a reservation has been placed. Then use WebSelfStorage Business Platform© to complete the reservation.

wp-wss WordPress Plugin for Uhaul WebSelfStorage Business Platform laptop

Now there are more options to high-cost reservation fees. Meet WP-WSS for WordPress!

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With a built-in customizable CSS Stylesheet, you can quickly makes styling edits to match your brand. There is also a custom message area to alert customers of any announcements.

Simple Setup

After installing the WP-WSS plugin, just add your WebSelfStorage Business Platform© entity and authorization codes and your WP-WSS shortcodes are ready to place anywhere on your site.

Affiliate Software

WP-WSS works with WebSelfStorage Business Platform versions. When a visitor makes a reservation, you are notified through the Business Platform via text message and via email from WP-WSS.

Technical Support

Once you are a WP-WSS Plugin subscriber, you have access to our top-notch support staff. With over 30 years of programming experience, we will help you through even the toughest challenges.

1. We are offering buyers before September 30, 2019 lifetime access and lifetime upgrades to the WP-WSS Plugin. – we are working on a subscription model that will go into effect in 2019. If you would like to take advantage of this amazing lifetime deal, contact us today.
2. Beginning October 2019, monthly subscriptions will cost $49. Special yearly subscription rate will be $480. SAVE $188 when you purchase a yearly subscription.

webselfstorage logo trademark logo image WP-WSS uses the API provided by WebSelfStorage Business Platform© Entity & Authorization to securely access data.